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Our Founder and Chairwoman

Lola Levoy,

Founder and Chairwoman 

Lola founded her non-profit, Working Dreams, in 2011 to build the 

dreams of foster and at risk youth throughout the United States.

Lola Levoy, is the Owner and President of Beverly Hills Escrow. She 

has over 50 years experience in all phases of escrow including 

having the ability to close complex transactions that are unmatched

 in the industry. Lola has owned Beverly Hills Escrow for over 50 

years. Her expertise has been called upon by UCLA’s Finance 

Department many times and she frequently lecturers at both UCLA 

and USC.

Lola   is  very  involved in the  community in a number of  organizations 

with a special  place in her heart for children.    She has been an active 

and   passionate   advocate   for   foster   youth,    being  a  mentor  for

hundreds  and  a  foster  parent  for  many.  She   has  started Working

Dreams,  her  own  non-profit organization, that focuses exclusively on 

Foster  Care  Children  in  Los  Angeles  County.  Working Dreams has 

an  annual  Prom  Dress Event, an annual Backpack Event and 

and  an  annual  Holiday  Toy  Event.  The Holiday Toy event raises over 

42,000  items  (toys, clothing)  for  Foster  Care  Children    annually.

Lola  is  the  recipient  of  the  “Congressional Award” for involvement 

with  Foster  Children, she  has  been on the Board of the United Jewish 

Fund  and  is  currently  on  the  Board of Aviva Family Services and has 

been   for   over   35   years.    She   is   also   involved   in   many   other 

community based organizations.

For  more  information  on  Lola  Levoy  or  Beverly  Hills  Escrow, please 


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