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Ralphs Rewards Card

Working Dreams has now partnered with Ralphs and their Community Program! The means that when you shop at Ralphs, after designating Working Dreams as the non-profit recipient of your choosing, and use your Ralphs rewards card upon checking out, we will receive a small percentage from Ralphs for the Foster Care Children of Los Angeles County.​

To get started-

1. Go to, have your rewards card with you, and register your card with Working Dreams as your designated non-profit.

2. If your don;t have a Ralphs card, they are available at any Ralphs customer service desk.

3. If you are a new on-line Ralphs customer, click on "No Account? Register", in the top right hand corner and create an on-line account.

4. After creating your on-line account, go to and Sign in, complete your information on this form, then scroll down to Community 

Rewards- enroll.

5. You will be asked for an NPO number, Working Dreams' NPO number is 90108.

6. Once you do this, your card will be registered!

7. Now, when you shop at Ralphs and you swipe your card or input your phone number, you will be helping Foster Care Children in Los Angeles 


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